Miguel A. Lumbreras (Basque country)

The work of the Basque potter Miguel A. Lumbreras is very different. In the gallery you can only see his sculptural work. That's also different. The inspiration for one kind of work is the theme : "tree of life" : el Arbol de la Vida". These objects look like bark; full with little human faces.The other theme is the famous Venus of Willendorf and "Nuestra Madre Tierra" : Mother Earth. These pieces look like pieces of rock with little female heads, and on the top little golden figures (men - women) . They are modelled with a red earthenware clay, often using impressions and stamps. The work is finished with engobes (coloured slip) and oxides and fired at 1060 degrees C.
Click for more work of Miguel A. Lumbreras in Keramisch Atelier Toon Thijs

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