Decorative objects

Besides the artistic work Toon Thijs also designs and produces limited series of unusual, decorative objects, each with its own unique character. Not driven by functionality but by special shapes or amusing ideas. These objects make up a main part of his production nowadays.

Although Toon Thijs is very interested in ceramic techniques, the starting point for his work does not lie in the traditional techniques for ceramics like throwing, salt-glazing, slipware or special firing techniques.

Discus vaze: Apollo 35 x 28 x 15 cm

Torenvazen h. 62,5 , 50 en 41 cm

Rotsnaalden h. 46 , 40 and 27 cm

Bowl: Vitalis (set) diam. 27 and 15 cm

Blokdoosjes 24 x 10 cm h. 11 cm and 8,5 cm

Pagodes h. 35 cm diam. 11 cm

Detail Pagodes

Kanopen h. 60-40-27 cm

Vazes h. 47-35-30-26 cm

The first step for him is always thinking, searching for unusual designs with underlying concepts. He uses all the ceramic know-how he has to bring the ideas to shape. The clear basic forms of the objects are striking. Most of the time a primary mathematical form like a globe, cilindre, cubical or cone is made by slipcasting or slab-building. All bowls and plateaus are segments of a globe, for example. Then Toon Thijs brings changes to those basic forms by corrosion, penetration, outbursts etc.

He also adds organic elements like pebbles, shells, ‘seeds’, beaker mosses or small lizards, turtles, a little dead bird.

This brings forward a distinct combination of geometrical and organic forms.

Kleine schildpadschaal (Small turtle bowl) - diameter 15 cm, h 5 cm

Drie torens (Three towers) h. 50-36-25 cm

Gradually colour has become more important. At first merely ‘engobes’ (coloured slips) and metaloxides were used. See TITANS and TOWER of BABEL. At present glazes bring the colour in the objects.

Plateau Sail diameter 32 cm h. 7 cm

Plateau Spring diameter 32 cm h. 6 cm

Detail Plateau Spring

Schicht l. 60 cm. h. 12 cm

Kleine Vitalis diameter 15 cm. h. 5 cm

Pyramidevazes and obelisk h. 50, 67, 72 cm

Allat en Pages h. 31, 25, 16 cm.

The sea diameter 32 cm., h. 7 cm.

Futen h. 76 cm

Lotussen h. 110, 115, 120 cm

Plateau Rocks 32 cm. diameter, h. 7 cm.

Lotusvaas h. 32 cm

Lotusvaas h. 38 cm

Plateau: Barrière  diameter 32 cm h. 9 cm

detail Plateau: Barrière  

Venstertje: hagedissen-dubbel  50 x 37,5 cm

detail hagedissen

Venstertje: vogel 26 x 20 cm.

Venstertje: 26 x 20 cm.

Grote Vitalis doorsnede 40 cm.

Grote Vitalis doorsnede 40 cm.

The last years more and more again engobes are used for colouring.; mainly "sinter-engobes". It gives the surface a soft, mat finish like blasted sand. It's never one glaze or engobe but always several thin layers in different colours. They are sprayed, often with very fine sprayguns. It's quite a labour-intensive process, because several parts have to be covered between the layers. And you can hardly correct faults.

Vitalis Golf  doorsnede 32cm

Steenschaal  doorsnede 27 cm

schorpioendoos 60 x 23 cm