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Toon Thijs is a ceramist with an eye for unusual design. He makes exclusive, striking forms using a variety of techniques. His objects are austere in shape and made with great feeling for detail and colour. Unmistakable objects with a very personal touch.

On this page you will find information about uniques and limited series (multiples).
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signature used on Toon Thijs' work


Titaantjes - unica
ceramics/object trouvé
70 x 45 x 82 cm.

Toon's artistic work

Some of the artistic objects are unique but more and more Toon Thijs is moving towards the production of multiples (numbered editions).

With his artistic work he expresses his personal views and ideas, materialised in different ways:

Titaantjes - detail

Detail Het rode gevaar (The Red Danger) - een verhaal zonder einde -
unica 122 x 244 cm

1. Ironic or humorous comments on actuality and serious developments in the world. See for example THE RED DANGER, a never ending story made soon after the breakdown of the Wall (Iron Curtain).

De toren van Babel - unica
45 x 25 h 15 cm

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Numbered editions.

2. Social inspiration. An example of this kind of work is JAPI, named after one of the main characters in the novels of the Dutch writer Nescio (1882-1961). ‘Japi’ is the personification of the ones that are unwilling or unable to change.

The quotation on the bowl says:
"I believe, said Japi, that my soul is too big."

3. More general views on human life as it is. See the LIFE plateaus.

15 pieces; all sold
diameter 40 cm h 12 cm
Serie Life: Plateau I
15 pieces;
diameter 40 cm h 8 cm
Serie Life: Plateau III
15 pieces;
diameter 40 cm h 8 cm

4. The theme of the dilemma between ideals and reality, between ‘happiness on the top of the mountain’ and ‘grief in the valley’, in the words of Nescio. Objects that fit in this category are small TITANS (fighting against the bourgeois; trying to attack God and change the world) and ABOVE THE VALLEY. These objects hold inscriptions of Nescio’s lines or Toon Thijs’ comments on these lines.

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Boven het dal (Above the valley)
15 pieces;
40 x 30 cm h 15 cm

New: ROZENWATERTJES A new project in which a coloured commentary is given on things, events in this era but above all on behaviour of people. Inspired by a drawing of Albert Hahn (1908). Signed L. Rozenwater
See also: Van inspiratie tot creatie- Toon Thijs - Klei nov.-dec 2017 and Museum Raeren



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